Sunday, October 26, 2008

That Is Mrs. Rattle-Can Queen to You

Sooooo my next Halloween decor project was a little more time consuming then planned. I got the idea for this wreath from Martha (yes, I still visit her site even though she dissed me). Her wreath called for silk roses and floral paint...umm expensive. I settled on plastic roses and my handy-dandy black high gloss spray paint. This is Martha's wreath...

And this is my wreath!

It actually came out pretty a dark and Gothic way. The ribbon is black but for some reason keeps coming out chocolate colored in the pics. I like the bow off to the side...cause I am cool like that. Ok not wasn't big enough for the top and plus, I really do think it looks kinda' cool on the side.

This is a really easy wreath to make. If you want Martha's here are the instructions. If you feel like doing it on the cheap, here is my plan:
about 5 bunches of dollar store red roses
14" floral foam wreath (also a dollar store purchase)
1/2 yard 2" black ribbon
glue gun
black spray paint (a.k.a. rattle can...shout-out to LRobb for the new terminology!)
wire cutting pliers

Snip the roses off the flower stems and put into a big pile. Hint: Make sure to mix the flowers up because not all dollar store roses are the same. This will keep your wreath looking balanced. Use your hot glue gun to glue the roses to the foam wreath. Keep them pretty tight so no gaps are peeking through. Spray paint a light coat on the back of the wreath first...covering the lovely green wreath. After it dries to the touch, flip it over and coat the flowers with paint. You can go lighter for a not too dead look or heavier for a morbid and icky but still chic look.


Anonymous said...

Yours is way better than Martha's. And you inspired me to pick up my own can of black spray paint for some ghoulish projects...but of course when I got home I discovered it has no it's back to the craft store. Do you think they would look at me funny if I went in screaming, "You sold me a broken rattle can!"

I have a feeling they might sic security on my ass...

Jenny said...

No way! When you yell that, they will say "she said rattle can...she is down with street lingo! GIVE HER WHAT SHE WANTS SO WE CAN LIVE!"