Saturday, October 11, 2008

Blue Tongues For Everyone!

First off, I want to state that this monstrosity of sugary-goodness was for a little kid's birthday party. Second, I did not work alone on this friend Anne was egging me on the whole time. Any question of excess was answered with "it is a little kid's birthday party"! Which, of course, to me means put on twice as much.

Anne and her new baby Jake. They look sweet and innocent, but I swear the words "cascade of sprinkles" came out of her mouth at least 3 times. We settled for a ring of sprinkles around the top cupcake. It was then that Anne started laughing at the fact that one of the three kids we were making this cake for is the town dentist's son. Um...maybe we should have done without the gummi polka-dots.

Anyways, I was feeling pretty awesome about our colorful creation until my husband got home. He asked if he could take a picture of it and submit it to CakeWrecks (which, by the way, is possible the funniest blog I have ever come should check it out). I was horrified! Is this cake really that ugly? Am I missing something here?

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Anonymous said...

Gosh--it is pretty bright. But hey, I like wearing sunglasses while I eat my cake :)

And as for cake wreck, i went through their archives last week and my abs are STILL sore from laughing so hard. it really is a hilarious blog.

submit the cake! you never know what could happen. pastry fame and fortune could be yours!