Wednesday, May 5, 2010

No Dead Bodies Here

When you remodel an old house, there is always anticipation of hidden treasures. Not ones of cash that some people find (though at the time of this post, that would be a WONDERFUL find to help pay for marble tile), but of vintage hardware found tucked away in the basement or an old metal cabinet that the previous owners used for paint storage.

On the flip side of this, our friend Larry refuses to help us with anything because "you guys have the kind of house that people find dead bodies in".

But we really have not found anything that great or morbid yet. Most of the house was gutted down and stripped of its original contents...or so we thought. Are you ready for this find?

Here we have LJ with one of the doors from upstairs. After thinking it was just a hollow core door, we threw it out into the back shed where my girls started using it as a roost. Upon further investigation, LJ decided that the paneling would come off...

And so he and his little pink ipod pried it off. The mask is purely for cosmetic purposes. Makes this look even more exciting.

And he pried...

And voila! Someone had just GLUED the old nasty paneling over the nice 5 panel door. These doors go for about $150-$250 a piece. There are five of them...all had fake paneling glued over them...all were about to go to Salvation Army.