Monday, October 13, 2008

I love Halloween!

Obviously, our dog Inchie does not share the same enthusiasm.

She really hates this hat.

But I really do love Halloween. The scary movie marathons, crisp fall nights, carved pumpkins on the porch, and of course, my very two very favorite things, coming up with costume ideas and decorating our house.
The latter has proved to be a bit of a challenge since moving to a small town. However, it really is not the lack of shopping opportunities that proves to be frustrating as the early mobilization of Christmas Crap. C'mon people! If you need more than a month's time to buy Christmas decorations, then you are buying too much and it will look too gaudy. Really.

Back to the point, I have decided to try and make all my holiday decorations for this year starting with Halloween. I want things that are nice, classy, and not made in China...oh and CHEAP. So for project numero uno I give you...Creepy Spider Candlesticks! (Ok, so that name doesn't really do anything for me...but I had to call them something.)

Behold! (Insert scary ominous laughter) scary laughter here yet. These are the before pictures.

My husband Loran's grandmother LOVES to buy random things at garage sales. She picked these beauties up for $1.50.

After I cleaned and polished the candlesticks up, I placed them on a piece of wood that I could maneuver around to get all sides with Rust-Oleum Painter's Touch in Black Gloss.

Out of focus but you get the idea...I sprayed all 3 sticks with 3 coats of paint.

Next, I sponged on Modern Masters Metallic Paint in Sheer Pearl White onto the inside of the glasses. If I were to do it again, I would try blobbing paint on with a sponge to give it more of a crackled look.

Dry my pretties!

I decided that they were a little dull so I wanted to add a cute little spider. I just sponged it on with some Mod-Podge.

As you can see, it dries clear and really looks like a little spider...a squished flat little spider, but a spider all the same.

Now cue scary ominous laughter!! Whaa-haa-haaa-ha-haaaa!


Anonymous said...

Wow Jen- I can't believe the transformation on these! The glossy black paint is what does it for me- totally have a real talent for this stuff. They totally look like you paid $60 for them at Pottery Barn!

Sarah Smith said...

This has actually inspired me to create cookie tins for my Halloween Cookie Party (coming soon...) Anyway, I have been unable to find any tins for my guests to take their treats home in...So I have decided to take my thousands of christmas ones and transform them into spooky halloween tins...THANKS

Jenny said...

Good luck on the tins could do some really cool designs on them. Or just tie them with Halloween colored raffia...let me know how it goes!