Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Inspiration: Bathrooms

Since we moved into this house, I have been madly collecting images for our bathroom remodel. Until now, I had a huge folder of magazine clippings that was getting pretty overloaded. Then I found Domino Magazine's Deco File. It allows you to "grab" picture off the internet and store them in an online file. It is and extremely helpful tool! Highly recommended! Anyways, on to the goods...

There is an ongoing debate in my head about using large rustic slate tiles

or small historic looking hexagon tile.

Photos courtesy of PointClickHome

I love the idea of a walk-in shower!

Photo courtesy of Remodeling Center

I really like how simple this room is and love the darker trim on a lighter wall.

Photo courtesy of Domino magazine

This sink is awesome! My mother-in-law found it a long time ago and my husband built the vanity.

This is a start! Any comments are appreciated!


Anonymous said...

Ooh love that sink! Your huz has some mad skills...and it's so funny. I had pulled that same photo of hexagonal tile from 'Point Click Home' and put it in my 'Jen Re-Do' folder!

I'm really feeling the tiny tiles---they have such a great modern earthenware feel but suit the age of the house as well.

I'm going to send you a couple pics and I'll keep looking for others too...

Little Things said...

Because of the character of your house, I'd recommend the small hexagon tiles, and maybe subway tiles on the walls.