Friday, October 24, 2008

Things To Not Do To A Bathroom

We have finally decided on the first room on the list of rooms to renovate: the master bathroom. I took a moment to really look at our bathroom and pick out the things I liked...and the things we definitely have to get rid of. First, let me show you what I like about this room.

The clawfoot tub is the nicest tub I have ever taken a bath in. It is extremely long (very important for this chica) and is in pretty good shape. I would love to find different "claws" for it and it will need to be repainted on the bottom. Right now it is a soft yellow with gold spray-painted claws.

The next thing I really like about our bathroom is the radiator. It is a hot water radiator so I use it as a towel/clothes warmer while I am in the shower. Unfortunately, while it keeps the room nice and toasty, it is not as aesthetically pleasing as it could be.

Now for the bad. I am going to use this opportunity to educate the masses (or just the readers of this blog) about what not to do in your bathroom.

First, do not EVER, EVER, carpet your bathroom. It is possibly the grossest thing ever due to the fact that you can not scrub the floors. Eww. Also, the teal, turquoise, purple, pink, beige mix really does nothing for me.

I don't know many people that have run across the next no-no. If you have a bathroom counter, don't paint it with a really thick layer of paint. Now, just in case you do paint it with a really thick layer of paint, whatever you do, DON'T leave a cup of water on the counter or this will happen:

The last item I have is not really a no-no so much as a design flaw. While the bathtub is the longest tub I have ever taken a bath in...the shower is one of the smallest I have taken a shower in. You can see by the picture below that the shower head was about 5 1/2" feet tall. While I have dealt with short shower heads before (every hotel I have ever stayed in), I have never had one so short with a shower stall so narrow. I will just say that this shower turned into a death trap during my pregnancy. We really need something bigger.

So now I am busy collecting magazine clippings and starting to make plans for this bathroom. Any comments or ideas are welcome!


Keeneye said...

We converted our large claw foot tub into a shower as well. You could make the shower-head as tall as you want, and make the former shower space into a storage area for towels and toiletries....

just a thought.

We bought the ring that surrounds the tub and holds the shower curtains on eBay.


I'm enjoying your blog - living vicariously through your projects that I wish I had time to do.

Anonymous said...

I don't know why you want to get rid of that looks beautiful to me. And if you guys ever want to start a small business on the side growing gourmet mushrooms, I feel like that carpet is the perfect habitat for sprouting fungus!