Friday, October 31, 2008

Goblins, Ghouls and the KKK?

Wee doggies! This is Halloween in Baker City Oregon! The city blocks off Main Street and all the businesses have candy for the kids. It is safe, you know the people handing out the candy, and it is all over by 6 pm. Here are some pictures from the event..

This picture reminds me of my brother...big, burly guy with the cutest little girl!

It is ok, buddy. You're soul won't get caught in the little black box I am pointing at you.

So I really didn't have a "costume" for Jack. It seemed a little pointless to me because he was going to be in his stroller the whole time with a "blanket" over him. But then I started to feel like a "bad mother" so I used my "false" eyelash adhesive to glue some "eyebrows" to his face. He was supposed to be "Mr. Clean" but then he got we changed his costume to "John McCain".

Hmm I think there is a Halloween costume "appropriate" lesson here. Supposedly, the guy wearing this outfit was Hispanic and he was going for irony. My vote is that this costume, along with an older "Alice" that left no room for wonder in her little outfit, are totally inappropriate for this event. Am I wrong here?


Keeneye said...

absolutely innappropriate...

Wow. Might as well dress up as Hitler.

Hey - nice job on creating cool decor out of Dollar Tree tschotskies. :)

Anonymous said...

Hmmm...sometimes I can make an allowance for cultural differences, but this does seem extreme! Looks like a super fun time, though---and your little John McCain is MUCH cuter than the real thing :)