Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Cool Cool Website: Etsy

First let me define my urban lingo for you. "Cool cool" is when something is cooler than the website Etsy. When we first moved over to Baker City from Eugene, I found myself really missing the local Saturday Market (for those of you that have never been to Eugene's Saturday Market, think tie-dye, bongo drums, patchouli oil, and local artists selling their goods). So while I don't miss the patchouli oil or tie-dye, I do miss checking out all the handmade items.

Then I found Etsy.

This website is the end all of handmade goodies. There are some really great deals plus, you are supporting an artist or crafter directly. Here are a few items that I found:

Personalized "Belle" Pet Tag, $8

My crazy Aunt Mary would love this cute custom dog sweater for her dobie, $26

Upsy Daisy toddler dress, $34

I am a sucker for pink and cute...especially earrings, Cherry Quartz and Sterling Silver Wrapped Earrings, $14

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I'm a total sucker for everything etsy...I get lost in the etsy vortex and realize five hours later how much time i've spent admiring people's beautiful work!

the best part is that for not much money, you can fill your house with unique pieces no one else has...all while supporting independent craft people!!!