Friday, October 31, 2008

Excuse Me, Are You Going To Eat Them?

Happy Halloween everyone!!

For those of you that do not know, I am a scary movie connoisseur. Zombies are my weakness followed by vampires, then weird mutant things. I tend to not like slasher films due to the fact that they are so predictable and the girls poor running form. Since today is Halloween, I thought I should share my list of horrific delights with all of you!

Some of these are classics while others were just plain scary! These are definitely the must-sees:
Night of the Living Dead (the 1968 version)
The Descent
The Exorcist (the part where she runs down the stairs upside down is freaky)
28 Days Later (the first really scary-there-is-no-way-I-could-out-run-those-mothers zombie movie..the ending was a little dreary, but overall, still worth it)
Shaun of the Dead (funny, funny, funny)
Dawn of the Dead (the zombies are scary! Plus a baby zombie birth? I am there!)
Evil Dead 2
Alien and Aliens (sci-fi can be scary too)
Jeepers Creepers (c'mon...this has the MAC guy in it)

These next ones are on my list of want to see:
Raw Meat
Reeker (how can this be bad?)
Pulse (the Japanese version NOT the one with Mandy Moore)
The Wisdom of Crocodiles
Let the Right One in
Jaws 5 (hopefully better then 2 and 4...umm I kinda' like know..with the dolphins and Dennis Quaid)
Dead Meat (this looks absolutely awful...a must see by Peter Jackson...yes, Lord of the Rings guy)
I, Zombie (like the fly but with a can that be bad?)

Lastly, because you will all be out and about tonight, I leave you with this little video to help ensure your safety and avoid any "complications".

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