Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Linus is Going to Be Jealous...

...of Jack and his sweet new blanket for his stroller. The best part, I did not have to bust out the sewing machine. The worst part, I still can't sew. Bahhhh! Here is how you can bless a little baby with their own little blanket for the holidays.

First off is selecting fabric. I went with anti-pill fleece from Joann's Fabric Store. They were having a sale so I got a yard of each fabric (plaid and stripes) for a total of $10. Grab some SHARP (please note the emphasis on that) scissors and binder clips and you are ready to go!

Cut off and nasty ends (I think the guy had used pruning shears to cut my fabric from the bolt) and trim the fabric to the size you want. Remember that the fringe will make the blanket part even smaller. Line your two separate yards of fabric up on top of each other and clip with the binder clips.

Next, you need to cut a square off from each corner to form the edge of the blanket. I realized this after I started cutting. The square you cut out and your fringe should all be the same length. I did mine about 6" long.

After cutting out the squares, lay something down that makes a straight line from one edge of the cut out square corner to the other. Then all you have to do is cut to that line to make your fringe. This will keep them about the same length. I recommend cutting either 1" strips or 1/2" stripes (I did 1/2"). 1/2" is easiest to do if you cut 1" strips first and then just snip those in half. This isn't an exact science so don't worry if you mess up a bit.

Now it is knot time! I have heard all different ways of making these blankets, some people say tie them separately then together others just tie them together. I really liked the look of a knot. I hope you can tell from this picture. I just tucked the ends pointing to the left back through the knot hole. Try to tie all the knots the same way for a really uniform look.

Make sure to work the knot back up to the beginning of the fringe before tightening down. You can leave the knots tight or loose, I chose tight.

And there you have it! A pretty, warm, snugly little blanket. These are so great because you can make different sizes. A yard of fabric makes a perfect stroller or car seat blanket that any baby would cherish (that is my best Martha Stewart impression).

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Sarah Smith said...

I love these blankets, it is the gift of the season for all my friends and family, young and old... I LIKE YOUR COLOR AND PATTERN CHOICES, very cute!!!