Monday, December 15, 2008

Christmas Wish List: Jack!

What do you get a kid that wants to play with the wrapping paper that you wrapped his toy with rather than the toy? The quest is on! Here is what I came up with.

Screw the wooden horse! We want a life-size baby triceratops! I am pretty sure it poops and moos...or whatever sound a baby triceratops would make.
Jack will be have to fight his Uncle Jeremy over this Colorform Playset. It comes with 9 gremlins, 3 plastic bottles of beer, and one principal sitting at his desk with his face eaten off. Why do people forget that this is a horror movie?

I have to start perfecting my "Chewie Wookiee Cookies" and "Princess Leia Danish Dos" now if I want to be the best mom ever.

Oh FAO Schwartz, we are in the middle of an economic crisis but I am so thankful that you are still selling a man-size Tyrannosaurus Rex for a measly $562. Yes! Now how can I get him not to eat the baby Triceratops?

Because freedom costs a buck o' five...

Just kidding. These really aren't the toys for Jack. Just hilarious items that I ran across while making his list. Unfortunately, LJ just called and reported that he is going to buy the T. Rex because it is only $500! Thank god I didn't put any links. Anyways, here are the real items Jack would LOVE for Christmas.

Christmas List: Jack! by mowe34

Building blocks, play animals, a book, pull-wiener dog (because Inchie does NOT play that game), some wooden animals, a laminated mat for him to eat on, and a temperal-artery thermometer. I haven't had to take his temperature yet and this would make the job SOOOO much easier. He thanks you so very much!


Anonymous said...

ifer What about a Bright Green HULK toy.

Anonymous said...

LOVE the farm set! I think I had one just like it...although they seem to have modernized the Fisher Price Little People and made them somewhat overweight compared to when we were kids. Just keeping up with the times I suppose!

And why would you need a man-sized Tyrannosaur when you have a husband? Mine sure growls and roars like a dinosaur most the time...