Friday, December 12, 2008

Christmas Wish List: LJ Pimpin'

Everybody in blogland seems to be sharing their Christmas List sooooo I figured why not us? My mom has been after me for our Christmas Lists anyways and I am all about killing two birds with one stone. Here is what we want Santa...starting with the husband.

What do you get a wood-working-custom-window-making-drummer? You can see my diliema. My husband is impossible to shop for. I have been asking him for the last month about what he wants and I always get the same most impossible answer. "A early 1960's Slingerland Silver Sparkle Bass drum" he replies in a very Ralphie-from-the-Christmas-Story tone of voice. Great. Where in the hell do you get a 1960's Slingerland Silver Sparkle Bass drum? If anybody finds one for under $400, let me know. Without further ado, I present, LJ's Christmas Wish List!

Christmas Wish List: LJ by mowe34

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