Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Please Watch This Show

Sooooo we don't have cable at our house *huh* I know! How dare we! We do, however, have our poor man's tivo (no not a VHS recorder and TV in one...which is what we did have for awhile) but Hulu.com. That being said, the list of TV shows that I am watching these days is slowly dwindling. I gave up on Grey's after Izzie started sleeping with her dead ex-fiance...(yeah I know she is sick...still a lame storyline)

...Heroes is just awful...(ok as a cheerleader, totally unbelievable as someone that kills people)

...and has left my much anticipated Monday nights with one shiny bright star...

To make a long story short, an old friend in trouble at the C.I.A. hacks into Chuck's brain and inputs all of the government’s secrets, then blows up the mainframe they were originally stored in. This leaves Chuck as the most valuable asset the C.I.A. has, and turns his life upside down.

I am not kidding...give it a try.

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Anonymous said...

yea, I like Chuck a lot! I work on a wiki tviv.org that you might get a kick out of.

Cheers, Mark