Thursday, April 2, 2009

Party in My Lamp!

After painting my new purple lamps, I wanted to something a little funky-cool to spruce them up a bit. I decided to line them with a black and white fabric that you would only really notice when the lamp was on. I have mixed feelings on the print that I went with but it was the only black-white print at our local Jo-Ann's fabric so I will learn to live with it. Anyways, here is how to line a lamp...just in case you want to do it too.
Start by tracing out your lamp shade on a piece of paper. I used dollar store paper. This is what it should look like after you are done...just roll it along and mark as you go. Make sure to use a pencil because you don't want to leave marks on your shade.
Next, cut the pattern out and lay it in your shade to make sure everything fits. Trim as needed.
Then lay your pattern down onto your fabric. I recommend using a rotary cutter if you can. Cut out.
Starting on the lamp shade seams (you want to match the seams up) spray adhesive on to your fabric and press firmly to the shade. Work in small patches to make sure you stay on line with your borders.
You might have to trim up your edges a little. Tuck them into the edge of your shade with your fingernail.
Let dry for a few hours then set on your lamp!

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Keeneye said...

This is so awesome... I love the new shades!