Thursday, April 9, 2009

Feeling Left Out...

Sometimes while I catch up on other blogs, I come across things that I find very amusing in comparison to my life. One of those things is the "Through Her Eyes" series by Maria at Layers of Meaning. She featured a sneak peak into 9 bloggers purses and I had to laugh at how simple these ladies live. Oh the good old days of manicures, cell service everywhere one goes, and long dangley earrings. Here is a shot of the contents of my purse......glamorous huh. You want a break-down of the goods? Here it is: a corduroy purse I got in China (completely washable BTW), disposable paper table covers for when we eat out with Jack (made of recycled paper and they have animals on them, double score), disposable diapers for when we travel or in case of emergencies (the number of these grow due to the fact that I always forget I have some before stuffing another in there), wipes that Jack so lovingly unpacked for me, my wallet, my coupons/gift certificates/receipt holder, an old shopping list, goldfish, gum, random bobbi brown lipsticks, the best lip balm EVER, barrettes, random napkins that I at some point picked up due to the impending mess Jack was going to create by eating something, gum wrappers, ipod, fabric swatches, pacifier (for emergency car break-downs), one of Jack's baby spoons, his body wash (no idea how it got in there), a roll of quarters and a pen.

For all my friends out there that haven't had a kid yet, your purse will look like this once you do. Totally unavoidable.

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Raina said...

Yeah, I thought those were highly edited. A few of those girls are blog biddies of mine, so I'll leave it at that.