Thursday, April 16, 2009

Finally! Huevos Rancheros!

This post will not be pretty. I tried my hardest to make these guys look nice and yummy but they don't look the part...but ohhhhh do they taste the part! I promised a friend of ours that I would post how to make these little boogers after he visited us one night for dinner. Here we are three weeks later (sorry Mark!).Anyways, here is how you do it!

Huevos Rancheros
Admiringly Stolen from Smitten Kitchen (and yes hers are pretty...but she is a pro)

Heat a fry pan on medium heat and throw on a corn tortilla. After you can feel the tortilla get warm, add some grated cheese and let melt around the edges.
Crack an eggs on to the middle of the tortilla and season with salt and pepper. Wait until the edges of the egg set and turn white before you try to turn it. Oh yea, you will be turning this concoction. Tricky.
After the eggs sets a bit, flip the whole thing over and cook like a regular fried egg. I like mine all gooey while LJ likes his yolk well-done.
If cooking for more than one person, you can store your huevos in an oven set at 195. This makes things a bit easier if cooking for a group of people since you can really only make one to two of these at a time. Top with black beans and salsa and you will be so happy!


Anonymous said...

Thank you!!! The look as yummy as they were and I expect to wow my honey with these tasty treats!!

Will let you know :-)

Jenny said...

Anytime Mark! I am hoping that the pics of these will bring K. Mack back to they even have Mexican food in Michigan?

Anonymous said...

I hope so! I will email him the weblog post :-)

There is even a Mexican Town in Detroit -

Just finished the breakfast! IT was great, will post pictures - including a modification! :-)