Sunday, February 1, 2009

Etsy Eight: Shopping Vicariously Through My Blog

Here is what I would buy today...if I had the money and absolutely no conscience or self-control.

Though suede would be prettier, I wouldn't be able to wash it when the Tupperware dish full of applesauce leaks onto the interior. Taupe McCloud Handbag, $49

Pretty. Pod Vase, $80

Brilliant idea! Reusable Sandwich Bags, $8

Because I feel like a hypocrite putting plastic-bagged veggies into my cloth totes at the supermarket. Reusable produce bags, $10.50

Robosaurus, $22

And if Jack were a little girl, this ladybug tee. Inkpony LB tee, $17

What we feel most has no name (deep thought for the day), $35

I love plates. This are so cute and would make a great Valentine's Day setting. She also has a white series that is really nice! Pomegranate Milano cupcake dessert plates, $75

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sherrieg said...

Oooh, I bought some reusable produce bags from this Etsy shop ( last year and love them! These ones have little drawstrings and a cute tote to keep them all in. I think they're worth it! :) Nice finds!