Thursday, February 5, 2009

Then You Get Pregnant...

I hate shopping for clothes. Then I got pregnant and my loathing was taken to a whole new level. Where do you go to find a 37" inseam in maternity wear that doesn't set you back $200? Sad to report, nowhere. Some way, some how, I managed to make it through 9 months (the first 7 required nice work clothes) and here is how.
maternity wear
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Two necessities for the larger prego girl are Belly-Ups and the Bella Band. The first allows you to wear your regular pants much longer into your pregnancy. They are a small suspender that snaps onto the waistline of your pants and the bottom of your bra. Then you can wear your normal pants unbuttoned or your maternity pants without them sliding off every two seconds. Trust me, once your tummy gets a little rounder, NOTHING stays on!

The Bella Band is great in the fact that it helps to hold your roll-top panel pants up. It also keeps you safe from any trailer-trash-beer-gut-bottom-of-the-belly-poking-out-of-the-shirt baring. Fun I know.

The best place to find maternity clothes is online. My two top stores are Old Navy and Gap and with their free shipping over $100, I just order all I can, try everything on at home, and then send the items back that I don't like. Long Legs also offers a maternity line but their price point is quite a bit higher. I liked keeping it cheap because you won't be in these clothes long.

Dresses are another great option. They can grow with you and you don't have to worry about the inseams. Yeah! Plus, you can always slip a pair of leggings underneath to keep warm.

I hope these links help my two good friends who are both incubating fetuses. Yay for babies and clothes that fit!


Sarah said...

This is very helpfu, THANK YOU!!! I think I will need to get shopping very soon.

Anonymous said...

I've decided that when my time comes to breed, I'm going to invest in two huge, draping muumuus: one in black and one in also black. instead of having people ask me when I'm due, they'll ask me when i renounced my secular life and became a bride of christ...