Thursday, February 26, 2009

Would This Be Considered a Form of Child Neglect?

Hmm I don't think so but we have developed some very strange games as of late. How about this one...I throw a piece of clothing over Jack's head and he starts madly giggling while crawling around. Here he is crawling...
...and crawling...
...and crawling right onto the wall.Here is a close up of the action...and yes there was a bit of a thunk. But again, HE WAS MADLY GIGGLING!
Hmmm maybe if he reverses and then...on no wait...crams his head in between the plant and the wall...giggle follows.
Just in case you doubted that he was having fun.
Next game involves pulling all of the old plastic bags out of the drawer. Fun but he knows he is not supposed to do that.
Oh he knows he is in trouble!
But I, of course, crack first. Then it is all a fun game again.

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Sumpter Sam said...

I sure miss those "crawling" days of my daughter...funny how she could do funny things, yet know when she was in trouble and thought the giggle would save her...unfortunately, it worked!