Monday, February 16, 2009

Before and After: Consigment Store Chic

I love furniture shopping. However, I don't like shopping in furniture stores (I will make the exception for Clark and Company in Baker City Oregon!! Shout out to my boys!) and I hate matching furniture sets. So where is a girl to turn? Consignment stores. The one here in Baker has a pretty good flow of furniture and I have been watching it for about a year now...waiting...patiently waiting for something good. I finally found it!

I know it doesn't look like much but I got it at a great price and it cleaned up really nicely. For those of you that don't remember, here was our dining room upon moving in...

Next stage was a light fixture upgrade (we still have two more to put in over the table), a free table from my in-laws, and a big white sewing center that I was using as a credenza. I know! Not the prettiest but furnishing your home with pre-used furniture takes time! Sometime you have to make do with what you get until you find the perfect piece!

And I found it! It is a little office-ish right now but imagine it with new knobs and maybe, sometime in the future, stained a dark brown with white milk paint doors. For now, I like how it how it is.

One day, I will repaint the pretty red walls a nice white color and we will tear up the carpet. We have to leave it for now because we have NO IDEA what flooring is under it. Fun times.

Loran and I are having a debate on our gold dollar store chicken which I love. He hates. Check out the metal fruit bowl that I found for $2!


Keeneye said...

I like your house, or at least what I've seen of it.

Although, in all honesty, it reminds me of my casa.

I wish I could take you on a tour of my mom's consignment store; you'd flip out. It's AWEsome.

Anonymous said...

Ooh love! It's very chic indeed--and bears striking resemblance to the console in the 'vintage modern' pic from the post below!

A thought on making it less 'office chic'...could loran saw off the current broad base and install spindly mid-century mod feet instead?

Jenny said...

Great minds! That was really the only problem I had with it. I love the sliding doors in the middle but the base was so thick on the ends. I sold myself on it by saying it looks more blocky and cool. I have been looking for legs but the only ones I have found were at Ikea. Others were $100 a piece...ouch.

Jenny said...

Keeneye! I am sure we will be making a trip through the middle of the state soon. Are you game? Is that where the store is at?

Anonymous said...

ColonelBaker posted this article on twitter... follow me and see.