Monday, March 30, 2009

What The?

I am all for supporting homemade goods but what the hell is this? A scorpion with green armpit hair and blue balls?
Not for Jack. I can't have anything that strange in the house on account of watching too many PuppetMaster/ Child's Play-like horror movies.

On a lighter note, I am finally sitting down and teaching myself how to sew. Turns out I am kinda ok at it and I really enjoy hand stitching. Still trying to get all my knots down but I am learning quickly with the help of some on-line tutorials.

"So Jenny, what have you made so far" you all ask. The answer, aprons. I have made a crap load of aprons from this apron pattern.
Everyone will be getting aprons here for the next year or so. I also broke down and ordered "sew what? bags!"
I am totally intimidated by this book. I am going to look at the pictures some more before I try and sunglass case. Wish me luck!


Keeneye said...

Here's an apron that I think exemplifies what you're trying to achieve in the kitchen:

Keeneye said...

OH! And here's an even BETTER toy to warp young children...Just pull the tongue and it vibrates. Um. Yeah. No joke.