Thursday, March 26, 2009

Inspiration Alert!

Design*Sponge just posted this "Sneak Peek" on designer Jessica Helgerson. I am digging her style! What do you guys think?

We already have the tub...just have to paint it.

And that is the look I was thinking of for the sconces!
Love, love, love the hardwood floor color.

I am going to warm LJ up to this by showing him this room...because we have a total of 2 guitars, 1 ukulele, one drum set and 2 amps.
Don't know about the scary woman thing in the middle of the room but I do like the plants and glass bottles. The fixture is pretty cool too.
Photos by Lincoln Barbour

1 comment:

Keeneye said...

So strange.

Those curtains in the one room are an exact match to my shower curtain which is ALSO in a bathroom eerily similar to mine with ALSO has that exact bathtub.

So of course, I love it. ;^)