Thursday, March 26, 2009

My Nicotine Lamp Makeover

For the past month, I have been on the lookout for a pair of lamps at our local Salvation Army. Actually, it has been WAYYY longer than that so when these two lamps popped up I grabbed them off the shelf without thinking twice. Turns out I should have thought twice due to the fact that they were covered in a nice thick layer of nicotine. Yum. I had to scrub them both in the sink and then let them dry for a day. Just in case you wanted to know, you can scrub a lamp with soap and water.

On to the fun part! After long hours of debating what color to paint the lamps, I finally decided on purple. However, I wanted it to be the right shade. Too light and you get this:
I know. Way too Barney the Purple Dinosaur for me. Also, don't ever, EVER, EVER use Krylon paint. I had the worst experience with the can of Rich Plum that I bought. It clogged up and took a lot of coats to cover the lamp...and no Rustoleum is not giving me any money to say that! But look!
Oh my trusty can of RustOleum in Purple! I will never stray again. I followed up the 4 coats of purple with two coats of a spray-on acrylic glaze to make things even shinier...
...and voila! I am pretty sure that I need a longer lamp shade but this was all they had at our local store. What do you guys think? Are you feeling the purple or not? I paired it with the light beige shade to tone it down a little. The white shade was a little too Totally 80's for me. Not to bad for $5 each.

For those of you wondering, the paint sample from the other wall climbed over to this wall and down onto the faux wainscoting. I really like that white *sigh*.


Keeneye said...

I love the dark purple! What a score on those lamps.

I need to put you on retainer for items that I'm looking for. I never get to our local thrift stores, and it seems like you know them inside and out.

If you ever find a funky ceramic bowl, my dogs need a new water dish. Their last one broke, and they are now having to lap up water in a Dollar Tree plastic thing that is clashing with everything that is holy.

Vivienne said...

I think the lamp shade works with it, but you could lengthen it by adding trim (ribbons, beads, fringe) along the bottom edge. I like the deep, rich purple.

Cathy said...

Hi! My name is Cathy and I work for Rust-Oleum. I stumbled upon your blog and this fabulous project! I just wanted to say thank you so much for thinking of us and using our product.

What a great way to recycle older items and give them a new personality!

Thanks again and they look great!


Jenny said...

Thanks for checking this site out can attest to everyone that I was in no way paid to say your product is the best!

Cathy said...

Paid in no way! We just simply liked your project! Happy painting!