Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Let There Be Light

We are finishing up on the bath tear-down tonight and the questions are already coming from the guys. How many lights do you want? Where do you want them? What color are you painting the walls? Where do you want the fan? Are you sure you want all white? Don't you think that will be somewhat "institutional"? What is for dinner?

Oh yes. The fun part begins and I am feeling a little overwhelmed. LJ offers no feedback in the decor department and often times hates what I plan on doing until he sees it all come together. Hmm what to do, what to do? I am going to turn it over to you guys for feedback. Let's start with my recent inspirations...

I like white. In the bathroom it makes it feel clean and fresh but on the same note, I plan on breaking up the all white theme with some stained wood, plants, and other odds and ends. I am going for a look that you won't see in a typical bathroom. Keep your fingers crossed!

I have been searching for lighting that would go with what I am trying to do and I think I found some interesting options. Here are some that I like but don't know if I will use...
Bathroom Lighting Ideas
Bathroom Lighting Ideas - by mowe34 on Polyvore.com

I love the look of the Pottery Barn sconces (they match the dining room pendant lamps) but I am not sure if they are meant to be used in the bathroom. What do you guys think?


Keeneye said...

If you're going "simple" on the color (white) and the linens (white) and the tub (white), then you must go OFF with the lighting.

NO IKEA! The price-point is nice, but I love the low-hanging fixtures against the simple white decor.

Jenny said...

I am thinking about adding some colored linens...there are some sweet towels at World Market but I agree with you on the lighting. "Simple" huh...

Kelli said...

I really like the idea of a mostly white bathroom. Though, you may want to consider the following (if you haven't already):

Who will be using the bathroom? Will baby Jack (and his furture siblings) be able to keep it so crisp and clean?

Will you have enough storage space to hide all the clutter (toothbrushed, shampoo bottles, deodorant, makeup, etc.) that take away from the look you are going for?

Other than that, I really like the light fixture from Pottery Barn.

Anonymous said...

You guys have been seriously busy!

The kitchen already looks better without the hood, and I'm 100% supportive of full walls of atrium white!

I worry that the glass pottery barn lamp might get smashed in the bathroom---it's a high traffic space and might require something sturdier.

I'm digging the shape of the two options with black trim--but would rather see them in stainless steel (i know they exist as I just checked the website).

Am also a fan of something like this for the ceiling:


the shade comes in different colors, including a neutral.

Anonymous said...


My friend did a bathroom remodel with white but she added alternated large black and white flooring. She then added light fixtues with black. It looked really good. She occassionally changed linens to add a splash of color. I like the white and the black light fixtures. I haven't looked but can you get Restoration Hardware online (I know that it is that neat place in Ptld.)