Saturday, January 24, 2009

Some Badass Wedding Ideas

Yeah that is me on our wedding day. There is something about posing with your two brothers that just makes you go crazy...or maybe just try to appear tougher than what you are. Anyways, a friend of ours is getting married in March and she was asking me for some ideas. Haha! Oh how I enjoy this type of post!

Idea #1: The Wedding Cake
I really, really despise wedding cakes. I do not think I have ever had one that tastes good no matter how much (insert random fruit here) crap they put in between the layers. Our solution? Cupcakes. Yum. Not only do they taste better, but they are pretty low maintenance i.e. you don't have to bring in another set of dishes to serve them off of.

The second best thing about cupcakes are the towers. You can make them yourself and personalize them to go with your color theme without the introduction of fondant (ick). Here are some great examples:

My good friend Byron came up with the idea for this cupcake tower. He spray painted an old water heater tray beige and then lined it with sod. The whole thing was supported by 4 pieces of pipe that screwed into 4 bolts that were glued on to the bottom of a piece of plywood. The other two levels were terracotta pots painted to match the ribbon. I had a regular cake made up for the top of the tower and gave the bakery the ribbon to put around it. Now, when putting the tower together, make sure to glue dot everything into place...otherwise you might get this...
a very slippery top cake when you try to cut it!

Here is another cupcake tower I did for my father-in-law's birthday. I found "milk" glass candy bowls to make up the towers and an old lamp shade to make up the base. Once again, I painted the plywood black and lined it with coordinating ribbon. Those cupcakes were chocolate graham cracker and a regular chocolate...just in case you were wondering why they looked a little funny.

If these don't suit your fancy, there are two other ideas at CakeJournal and Craftzine.

Idea #2: Table Setting
We literally rolled out sod down the middle of the wood tables, cut it in half lengthwise, then lined it with ribbon, again, all Byron's idea. He also found some blue and green place mats for $7 at GoodWill and coordinating fabric for napkins. I bought little terracotta pots and planted each with white flowers and then gave them away as gifts.

Idea #3: The Location
I realize that some people like the whole indoor wedding thing but if you really want to save some money, go outside. We rented out a campsite for the weekend and gave people the choice to either get a hotel room or camp outside. I think the total cost came to $60. Steal! Plus the outdoors is a great backdrop! You can cut down on the amount of flowers/ decorations needed.

There is one minor drawback, everyone will bring their dogs...which in our case, was a lot of dogs. Make sure to get them all locked up before the ceremony.
And last but not least, enjoy the day and make some memories!
Ok no, this is really last but not least. LJ sang me a glorious song! It was awesome but the pictures we have of him singing reminds me of the picture I have of him eating that final slice of pizza in the pizza eating contest....


Keeneye said...

I love the sod idea! How very "granola" of you. :) The table looked amazing.

And of course, that last photo...

too funny!

Kelli said...

You had some great ideas. I'll be borrowing a few for our little shin-dig.

Jenny said...

Let me know if you need any help!

Kelli said...

On your cupcake tower, how big was your largest piece of plywood? Do you think that thick cardboard would work just as well?

Jenny said...

Hey Kelli! It depends on how big and how many cupcakes you have to support. You can always try a mock up at home and see.