Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Feeling Brighter

I am constantly trolling our local Salvation Army for furniture/lamps/dishes and anything else I can makeover. I found a lamp a couple of months ago that had a really cool exterior design. The only problem? It looked like this:
That is right. One can really truly never have enough gold and black items in their house. Loran was cringing when I brought home this beauty and plunked it down on our front porch. However, I thought it would be really cool painted a glossy white.

It is nearing the teens outside so my in-depth picture/documentary of my lamp makeover is non-existent. However, my better blogging half, Anne from The City Sage, has fully detailed instructions on how to paint a lamp. (I swear we did not meet about this project beforehand and her lamp shape is WAY prettier than mine...oh wait! Mine actually works...score one for the big girl!)

Since my lamp is textured, I did not have to worry about sanding it to get a fine finish like Anne did. It also didn't really matter if the paint sagged a little (that is the term the pros use when spray paint runs a bit...thanks dad!). After four coats of my lovely white RustOleum gloss spray paint, I let the base cure for 2 days. This is what I got!

I found a plain lamp shade from Ikea during a trip to Portland that works well. Total cost:$17.07
I will eventually choose some fabric to cover the lamp shade but I like it how it is right now. Yeah for lamps!


Anonymous said...

It turned out BEAUTIFULLY! Yay for the rattle can---it truly does cure all the world's ills!

The lamp has lovely proportions--not too tall, or to chunky. Just right for the space you've chosen for it. And great choice on the lampshade too!

Also, thanks for the new paint terminology. 'Sagging'. This also applies to certain body parts of mine that shall remain nameless. (boobies, cough cough...)

sherrieg said...

Nice! It reminds me of something knit. Good find!