Friday, January 16, 2009

Why I Blog

Awhile back at a dinner party, a friend asked me why I blog. I looked at him blankly and answered, "oh...because I like to." But that is not it. Why I blog is a very complex and multifaceted question. I will try to answer it here.

Reason #1- It keeps me sane. There are some days where I don't get out of the house. I have every intention of doing so but it just doesn't seem to happen. There are feedings and house work...and some laundry and oh yeah, bill paying...and before I know it, it is time to make dinner. To make matters even crazier, I have done the fun bun dance 3+ times for laughs, given 4 pinkbellies, performed a total of 45 minutes of exaggerated lip-smacking to get Jack to take big boy bites, and changed way too many diapers/pants/shirts. When you have a day like that, it is nice to sit down and use actual words to help keep your wits.

Reason #2- It keeps people in the loop. I live 10 hours away from old friends and family, blogging allows them to follow what I am doing and watch Jack grow up.

Reason #3- Sharing information! I am always searching for DIY ideas and projects and the blogging community is full of DIYers. Plus, I have made a couple of new friends!

Reason #4-I love taking pictures. I still don't know what all the buttons on my new camera do but I love figuring it out!

Reason #5-It is an online journal. I love looking back at things that we have done and projects that I have succeeded (or failed) in completing.

Reason #6- People like it. I realize that I don't get a ton of comments on my blog like some people do *cough* *cough* A. Sage a.k.a. Mrs. Popularity but I do get emails from people and funny voice mails from friends that follow along.

Reason #7- I really do enjoy it. I like creating my posts and coming up with new ideas. That is the main reason why I blog and I don't intend on quitting any time soon!


Kelli said...

I for one enjoy your blog. Though I don't know when you find time for it. I barely have time to read yours let alone keep up with one of my own.

Anonymous said...

Ouch. That stings. Some of us can't help it if we've undertaken a campaign of commenting on every blog under the sun simply to attract more visitors to our own. Seriously, I think my comments consist mostly of 'pity comments'...

Anonymous said...

It is good idea. I support you.