Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I Am A Sucker For Flowers

I know, I know. The big 6'5" girl likes super girlie things and although I have managed to put everything Sanrio behind me, flower prints still get me every time. On a recent Ikea shopping trip, I spotted this lamp and was immediately awestruck by the flower print cascading down the side. Ahhh pretty.

I fought the temptation and ending up putting this little guy back. Just a little too modern for the look I am going for in our house.

Thank god I came to my senses because I found something even better! Design*Sponge just put up a post on British designer Hannah Nunn and her these beautiful cut-paper lamps. Take a gander at these bad boys...

So pretty and delicate looking! The perfect mix...these are definitely going on my birthday wish list.

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Anonymous said...


Seriously, the weird twin-like tendencies continue. I wrote with hello kitty pencils WELL into the seventh grade.

the lamps are TRES cool! when is that birthday, anyway? i have big plans for your gift: a dollhouse lined in magenta carpeting.

and please don't eat inchie. go for the arm---that way you'll have fewer total pounds for the next weigh in.