Friday, September 5, 2008

Jeepers Peepers!

I often have daydreams about our backyard and how, one day, it will be a little garden of Eden. In this paradise, I will have lilac trees growing up past the neighbor's fence line (check), a wooden compost bin (check) thats cuteness offsets any odors (check), a garden that looks wild but is some how contained and made to grow copious amounts of veggies that Jack will snack on raw (still in the works), and beautiful chickens running around eating all the bugs and laying huge orange-yolked organic eggs. Well I have the chicken part but we are still a ways from any sort of egg laying. Here are our little Peepers all snug in their stock tank.

(They are chasing an ant that I threw in.)

I feel like I should be a good mother and let them have a little fresh air and sunshine. So I take them out into the dry grass and let them do their chicken thing. In case you are wondering, these guys are Wyandottes. More specifically, two gold-laced Wyandottes (the blonds) and eight silver-laced (all the little brunettes). After hours of trying to decide which breed to raise, I came across this great website, They have a complete listing of different breeds plus chicken coop plans and other chicken related paraphernalia. Check out these other great chicken raising sites:
Backyard Chickens (you got to love their "chicken of the week" photo)
My Pet Chicken (I am a sucker for their breed selection tool)
Ideal Poultry (chicks arrived vibrant and healthy from Texas)

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