Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Baby Food Jar Contest!

Before I started making all Jack's baby food, we bought little bottles of it from the store. Now I have tons of little bottles but no use for them. If you can think of a fun/crafty/chic idea let me know. There is no real prize except admiration for your very original idea. However, if you suggest making a Christmas Tree light thing out of will be blocked from this site.

(Hmmm...Christmas Tree light thing)


Anonymous said...

Mowe - I have a few ideas - The lids can be covered with fabric and then filled with spices for holiday gifts. They can be organizers for people who have too much "stuff" (paperclips - thumb tacks, etc.) Save a few jars so Jack can collect spiders, bugs and critters. Fill part way with sand and add a tea light - they could be arranged for a center piece on your dining room table. The best use is for watercolors/painting - the jars are great water holders!

Tish said...

Grampa used to use them to contain the fresh eggs from the bellies of dead fish. Made it easier to catch the next one...that's enough info to eliminate fish from one's menu. add to that this more than you want to know tidbit, some jars are still in the fridg. Or,
you will need a chandelier for your future dining table. I made one for your Mom & Dad from double necked lamp sockets when we all lived on Goldenrod. It hung for long time in their garage, mysteriously disappearing during the move to Sierra Vista.