Wednesday, September 17, 2008

And the frog says "RIBBIT"...

I would love to take all the credit for these blocks but I actually saw this craft on The Martha Stewart Show. Ashley Stewart (I don't think she is any relation) came up with the idea and has line of baby blocks. I have fretted so much over the ones I've made that I don't have interest in making any more...well, for awhile at least. Anyways, this is a pretty basic project that just requires some color coordinating (that is the part I fret about).

You will need:
square wood block (available at craft stores or cut your own from a 4x4 or any size piece of wood)
Acrylic paint
Mod Podge (I used gloss-lustre)
Decorative paper or illustrated books
Emery board
Letters and other fun block decorating supplies

You can sand down the corners of your blocks as much as you want. I took quite a bit of edge off mine because Jack is able to handle them better that way. Next, take your sponge brush and paint all the edges of your blocks. Let dry.

Cut 6 pieces of paper to the size of the side of your block. Using the Mod Podge, glue the paper to the blocks and let dry. I did a very poor job of cutting my paper to the size of my block. This is ok, but it does mean that you will have to sand on the edges for a very, very long time.

Sand the corners and edges with the emery board. Repeat this process on all sides.

Paste decorations and embellishments on using the Mod Podge. Then sponge paint around the edges to give the block an antiqued look. Let dry then cover entire block with a coat of Mod Podge. I found that this pretty much drool-proofs the block.

I made these blocks for a friend who has a baby that is a week older than Jack. She is also a little girl so I can get all cutesy on them. For Jack, I have started an alphabet block series by collecting old nature books from the local Salvation Army. If you happen to have any stories about a yak, x-ray fish, or anteater (armadillo or aardvark would work too) please send them our way. Enjoy!


Sarah Smith said...

These are adorable...I am going to keep them in mind for my nephews for Christmas...I better get started now:)

Tish said...

Your color combining on the blocks was as good as the varied pattern contrasts. Just perfect for arresting Sadie's attention. Love your blog! Always interesting and I enjoy the laugh some of your word pictures cause. Good luck on the 26!! blocks for Jack. They will make another impressive picture.

Anonymous said...

Wow---these are really lovely. You have a way with an emery board :)

You could totally sell these on Etsy...Nice job!