Sunday, September 28, 2008

Don't Make Me Shoot You With My Fossilizer!

Yeah the show Dinosaucers only lasted one season and, yeah, they were no where near as cool as ThunderCats, He-Man, or the freak Turtles..but c'mon! They were talking dinosaurs that fought the other "evil" talking dinosaurs and used humans as their "Secret Scouts".

I bring up this blast from the past because I found the coolest shoes ever.

Oh need to adjust your screen Just let the total awesomeness of these shoes sink in. Think I am kidding? With its 3-D dinosaur on the side, dinosaur track leaving soles, and the whole eyeball light thing, I can picture the struggle to get these shoes off Jack's feet. Allo would be proud.

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southsider said...

They are so cute! That print would even baffle Leo