Friday, November 14, 2008

It All Starts with a 35 oz. Ball of Dough...

First off I am sorry! Sorry to leave you all hanging for a whole week.I have a ton of stuff to get onto the blog but am lacking the time to do so. Girls High School basketball try-outs were this last week so much of my time has been devoted to getting the boys fed on time as well as teaching girls how to shoot a lay-in.

Now down to the pressing business at hand, my husband and his brother decided to enter into an eating contest this last Friday. Upon arriving at our house after work, they informed me of this and also of the fact that they had been "training" all day (for those of you wondering, this training involved drinking lots of water and only eating soup for lunch). This is the sign that tempted them so:

I was on board! Who couldn't use an extra $100 plus my husband can eat...I mean four chicken breasts at one sitting eat.

In order to really share this extraordinary event with you, I have created a slide show documentary for you all. We start with arriving at Paizano's!

This was serious stuff! The guy's had to read and sign a disclaimer. Some of the rules: Thirty minutes to consume a full 24" pizza with two toppings, contestants had a choice from a list of toppings but had to pick either one meat and one veggie or three veggies. After consulting with everyone at the table, Loran chose Canadian bacon and pineapple while Wade went with sausage and olives. Just for the record, Wade went "rogue" and picked his own toppings.

This is the owner of Paizanos. She has a blog that covers the trials and tribulations of owning a small business in Baker City.

Loran...nervously awaiting his pizza...

Wade...the tension was so thick you could cut it with a knife...

...and Jack! Totally oblivious to anything but his dad's cell phone and the kangaroo.

The pizzas arrive...Loran's post-game pizza arrival quote "When I saw the pizza, it was so thin that it was the first time I actually thought I could do it."

Wade never stood a chance. I mean sausage? Who the hell choses sausage in a eating contest??

Birds-eye view of the trenches. As you can see Loran is down to 4 pieces. It is with the next piece that I see his face turn a strange shade of green and I start thinking that maybe he won't be able to do this.

This is the set-up...two tables and two puke buckets. Yuck.

Last piece! Loran...not..going...! NOOOO!!! This was it. This is all that was left out of a 24" pizza. We were this close to a $100. This was all that stood between Loran and complete pizza eating domination. This teeny, tiny piece of crust. If Jack hadn't had his kangaroo to console him, he probably would have cried.


Loran said...

i'm already planning for next time, two types of olives and green peppers!

Sarah said...

I showed this to Josh, and we both had a good laugh. Josh was impressed with the amount of pizza Loran consumed!!!

Anonymous said...

OH NO! That one little piece was all that was left! Give me a kangaroo because I'm bawling here!

By the way, that pizza was freakin' huge. I've never seen so much melted cheese. And says the huz: "woah. that's a big pizza. and he's wearing a blue jays shirt!"

(we grew up in toronto, he and I.)

Auntie Joseph said...

As a Joseph, I'm sorely dissapointed. Although Abe was highly impressed. And what the heck was Wade doing?

Anonymous said...

Really tried to print this escapade for Barb, but only the first 3 pages of the entire edition were available. (Sweet Kitchen). So Funny! Great pictures. The Sunday Eugene paper had a story about 2 friends' web site, It may be already linked on your blog. The metal ice tray wasn't in the best shape, but I have found another insert. Yea for the clutter in the hen house. Forgotten the PW, so this will be from anony.

Stephanie said...

Oh man.

This is hilarious. I can't believe he got so close to finishing!

The male capacity for food and competition never fails to amaze.

GregHinton said...

"training all day...." hillarious!