Monday, November 10, 2008

A Very Good Day.

A couple of weeks ago, I was complaining to my mother-in-law about the lack of good, used, cheap furniture in our area (I was feeling sorry for myself because of Anne from The City Sage and the pretty pink plates she found for $12). My mother-in-law concurred then asked me if I had stopped by the store "Windfall" and looked in the basement.


I could not get out of the door fast enough.

I almost fainted when I walked down the rickety stairs to the basement of the store. It reminded me of the first time I shopped at Ikea. So much stuff..sensory overload...too many There are old chairs hanging from the walls along with just about every kind of furniture you can think of. I walked out empty handed but promised to return after taking some measurements.

This whole discovery has inspired me to gussy up our kitchen a little. I am figuring that we won't be able to remodel the main floor for at least 5 years and unlike the bathroom, it is something I can work on while Jack crawls around on the floor. Anyways, here is a before shot of our kitchen:

Now you probably all like the brick island but there is two major things wrong with this thing: 1) it is all fake plastic sheets of bricks and 2) all the the stuff hanging from the ceiling makes it a death trap for us tall people. If you look closely at the pendant lamp to the right, it is tied up to the height everything needs to be so this doesn't happen:

(Actual re-enactment of incident)

We tried to take out the HUGE monstrosity of a hood on Sunday but failed miserably. We can't get a wrench onto the back side of the bolt to get them off. Great. I plan on painting the cabinets some color other than rotten, bloated corpse beige...maybe cream? Something to brighten up the very dark room.

Upon returning to Windfall this last weekend, I purchased two cool new stools for the counter. Now, they might look a little 70's right now but imagine them painted a dark chocolate and reupholstered with some cool cotton sateen.

I really like this fabric from Sew, Mama, Sew bit it might be too much brown...

these might be better...

Any input would be appreciated.

I also scored these two chairs from the Salvation Army! What can I lucky day.

Oh the possibilities with these bad boys are endless! The lady at the counter told me that they were going to throw them out. Crazy! They are the sturdiest chairs and have a really nice design. They just need a little rattle-can action. Sweet.


Anonymous said...

Wow...awesome haul. We need a serious pow wow on those stools and chairs!

Though if you ever decide to keep the kitchen the way it is, I feel you could probably open up a TGIFridays or similar chain family dining establishment. You could wear a little vest covered in 15 pieces of flair...

keeneye said...

Great chairs! I love the basement at Windfall Antiques. It seems to go on forever.

Watch for garage sales that list "furniture" - sometimes I'll find killer antique pieces in dire need of a good cleaning. :)

Sarah Smith said...

I like the middle fabric...Just a thought for your consideration!

Jenny said...

I change my mind all the time...I am so glad I have friends to bounce stuff off of!

Anonymous said...

Tag you're it!

Details on my blog...

Lucy Jane said...

This is my first stop by.. interesting to say the least.

Can't wait to see what it looks like in the end.

Take care.