Sunday, March 28, 2010


For those of you that have not had the privilege of meeting our dog Inchie Squinchie, consider yourself unlucky. I mean, not to brag or anything, but she is possible the most athletic wiener dog I know and she is Jack's best friend. So you can imagine how devastated and scared we were when she was attacked by two pitbulls last week.

We were just coming back from the park and the Inch was on her leash running next to our bike (The secret to keeping your wiener dog not let them get fat) when our neighbors two dogs rushed out after us. I saw that they were tied up and did not think much of it UNTIL their leash broke and they rushed us in the middle of the street. The big male pit grabbed Inchie but wasn't able to shake her before I started screaming and coming at him. Inchie got loose some how and took off down the sidewalk and right into my friend Keri's arms. She scooped her up while her husband persuaded the other dogs to quit chasing her with a steel pipe.

Inchie was left with a large fang mark in her coat with stitches underneath. A drain that was about the size of her protruded out of her side for the weekend but that was removed this last Monday. She is 100% now and back to digger squirrel hunting...she has also become aggressive towards larger dogs. Great.
I was left in the middle of the street with a broken leash and a screaming child. Oh yes...there have been nightmares and an overall anxiousness to get back to Inchie whenever we are gone too long. What can I friends.

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