Tuesday, January 5, 2010

You Are What You Eat!

Another great interview by Jon Stewart in which he plays the antagonist by questioning our government's role in our food supply. The best quote (besides pointing out that one should not be eating cereal that turns your milk colors) was by Pollan: "I think we need to recognize that cheap food has a very high cost, in terms of health and the environment. That cost is getting paid by other people, by the public health system. That's part of the problem and the disconnect. I think that's where there's a disconnect, between what you pay for a cheap, fast-food meal, and the ultimate price of eating that way."

His advice? Eat real food, not edible food like substances.

Watch the whole interview here:

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Jeremy Mowe said...

Real food! What is that? You mean that people actually want to spend time in the grocery store....than in their kitchen tirelessly preparing food? What is that going to accomplish besides allowing you to know exactly what is in the food you eat and who prepared it? I am sure that the well-paid workers of your local fast food establishment work endlessly to bring you only the highest quality food prepared in the cleanest environment. It is so exhausting, I would much rather go get a serving of Diabesity at the local drive thru. I trust that my local health food stores Pfizer, GlaxoSmithKline, Merck & Co and Proctor & Gamble will come up with something to reverse all my bad habits. After all, it was Proctor & Gamble who acquired the U.S. rights to the patent from my old pal Wilhelm Normann in 1909 to begin producing hydrogenated oils. If Proctor & Gamble can produce a brilliant product like Crisco I am certain they are just a few tests away from curing heart disease. Never fear when a pill is near! I'll put that on my universal health care tab.

Jenny said...

I think the really interesting part of the interview was when Pollan pointed out that insurance companies will start caring if they have to cover you. There is no money in covering a sick person so in turn they will start lobbying for a healthier food supply. Look at Europe! They have basically banned lots of the stuff that is still in our "food" supply...i.e. food dyes (coming soon), bleached flour, rBGH,chlorinated chickens, etc. Interesting...