Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I Am Pretty Sure That Rainbow Brite Threw up In Our Basement

Let me make something clear first...I like wallpaper. I really do. I go on to ferm living all the time and drool over their fun designs. That being said, I will avoid putting up wallpaper at all cost in our house.

Why, you ask? It is such the HOT thing to do!

Right....I reply...and obviously this was the HOT thing to do at one point...
Oh can't tell just how beautiful this old wallpaper is? Let me get you a closer look.
Yes, that is foil. It really only gets better...
Ohhh there we go. Because the angled lines of foil were too "busy"...thank god they put in some vertical lines to calm the pattern down.

Seeing this got me thinking...why not show you all the glimpses of old wallpaper in our house! Ready for this?!
The Good...Trains and Trolleys really aren't that bad in an kid's room...

The Bad...the master bedroom...thank god I never saw it with this striped/flower color scheme...that would hurt.

Yep, the ugly. I hope the shininess comes through on your monitors so you can bask in the glow!

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