Sunday, December 13, 2009

All I Want for Christmas..

my mom has been on me about what I want for Christmas. I am sharing my list with you because who knows, it might turn out that you want the same thing and did not even know it!

1) Cooking Magazines

I know, I know. In this day and age, it is so easy to find recipes on the internet especially when you follow blogs like The Kitchn, Tartlette and Joy the Baker. However, there is just something about getting a new magazine in the mail and then going through your daily schedule in your mind to figure out when you can browse through the shiny pages. My tried and true favorites? Martha, Rachael Ray, and The Food Network Magazine.
Now is it a sin that I list Martha with the likes of Rachael? To some people yes but I have never been able to get Jack to eat Martha's Jamican Chicken Curry over Rachael's Chicken Parm Meatball Spaghetti. Also, my mom got me a subscription to The Food Network Magazine and I have been pleasantly surprised by how cool this magazine is! The latest issue has a hot cocoa recipe that LJ gleefully announced "tastes like I am sippin' pudding!"
Even though I already get my three magazines above, I always check the current issues of Cook's Illustrated Entertaining and Fine Cooking. I LOVE these two magazines and would love to find a subscription waiting for me Christmas morning!

2) Cookbooks
Checking out cookbooks from the library is a fun way of trying out a book. However, the fun always ends with me racking up overdue fees because I want to try just one more recipe. My favorites and must haves? Peter Reinhart's The Bread Baker's Appretice and Whole Grain Breads, Nancy Silverton's Breads from La Brea Bakery, Artisan Baking by Maggie Glezer, I Love Macarons by Hisako Ogita and finally The Craft of Baking by Karen DeMasco. One can never have too many cookbooks! Plus, the one that bestows the cookbook get the goods.

3) Kitchen Timer
One thing in life is for sure: crying baby+bread in oven=burnt bread. There is no way around it. This is also handy for the times that I have loaves proofing while others are cooking and a sponge going.

4) Blowtorch
Yes a blowtorch. Do I really have to explain how cool this is?


Darryn Jayne said...

so, what did you plan on using the blowtorch for? just wondering... :)

Jenny said...

Does your mother know you are on here? Kidding. How far did my treat box make it? Out of Baker? Driveway? All the way to Sumpter?