Sunday, June 7, 2009

The Future So Bright We Have to Wear Random Shades That We Found In the Shed

Maybe not that bright but we have been enjoying our new patio! Here is a little look at what we have been up to for the last three weekends.

Before: The back gate that was taken over by lilacs.

After: Now, a sweet new path so our gas meter reader does not have to wallow in the mud anymore!

Before: Two random herbs beds that were overgrown with catmint.

After: Even more herbs than before and tons of perennials that I got out of LJ's grandma's yard.

Before: I was so apprehensive about removing the deck.

After: But I love this space now! Jack has so much to play with and I don't have to worry about him falling off deck. Now if I could only curb his enthusiasm for rock eating, life would be great.

We still have a bar to build (the cement pillar-looking things in the distance), chairs to stain, a bench that will go against the outside of the house (any ideas on a design?), and basically the rest of the yard to work on since it looks like this:

But for now we are happy with our little retreat. More pics to come as I get all the flowers out (these shots were taken in between thunderstorms). By the way, coleus are no bueno in heavy rains. Mine now look like a very hungry caterpillar got to them.


Keeneye said...

Looks Awesome!!! Like a lush garden oasis. How cool to have a fire pit as well. You've been busy....

Sarah Smith said...

Looks great!!! I am sure it will be amazing when it is all done. You obviously have a green thumb:)