Sunday, August 31, 2008

How to use cloth diapers: An illustrated tutorial.

We know a lot of parents who have considered cloth diapers but have yet to actually use them. I think they are afraid, and quite understandably so. Who wants to experiment with getting poop and/or pee all over?

Well fear no more! In just a few minutes of reading you will be ready to tackle this job with the utmost ease and security.

Step 1: Make a baby.
We don't have any pictures for this step. Sorry.
Step 2: Clean dirty baby bottom and place cloth diaper under it.
(In case you are wondering, we will be demonstrating this process on Mr. Bear to save Jack any future embarrassment.)

Step 3: Fold diaper into a V-shape

Step 4: Bring diaper up through legs

Step 5: Spread top of diaper

Step 6: Fold top of diaper down

Step 7: Bring back of diaper around legs to front

Step 8: Now this is usually the part that scares most people off...the dreaded diaper pins. Alas, youngins', there is hope on the horizon in the shape of the nifty invention called the "Snappi". It is basically a rubber band with three hooks. Hook it to one side of the diaper, then stretch it across and hook to the other side.

Step 9: Pull the Snappi down and hook to the bottom part of the diaper. This takes up the slack in the leg area and prevents blow-outs.


Step 10: The last line of defense: Plastic pants! These babies keep everything nice and dry. They can be used more than once but watch for wetness on the inside. Nobody likes a stinky baby.

Step 11: Potential leak check and tucking

Make sure no cloth peeks out from the plastic pants. It will act as a wick and soak the clothes!

Feel free to email with any questions! Good luck and happy diapering!


lindsay Strothers said...

Well now I really know how to change a diaper. Thanks so much!!!(-:

Sarah Smith said...

I love that you do it on his bear...I am glad it is getting good use. Your blog is amazing...I am definently going to try some of the recipies

snappi-q said...

This is so helpful! But do the snappis work well/ are safe for the baby?

Jenny said...

Hi Snappi-q!I have had no problems with the snappis and would have to say they are MUCH safer than a sharp pin...for me and the baby.